Amanda & Neil at Chapters

The following video footage is pretty much a complete recording of the Amanda Palmer & Neil Gaiman event at Chapters Bookstore in Dublin on February 17th, 2009. It features Amanda singing, and Neil reading stories from the forthcoming book, Who Killed Amanda Palmer.

Before I start, two quick comments and a preview. Firstly I realized as I was creating these videos that throughout my coverage of the event I had been putting Amanda on the wrong side of an ampersand. I could have kicked myself. Of course Neil is much better known by my readers than Amanda is, so it makes sense. Even so, I shall never be able to listen to that song again without cringing in embarrassment. For this post, it will all be Amanda & Neil. I hope she’ll forgive me.

Secondly, I know some of you are editors, and even copy editors. I have always spelled ukelele with more e’s than u’s. I discovered when doing these videos that it can also be spelled ukulele, and indeed that is a more common usage. Neither is “correct”, as the original word is Hawaiian and the rules for translation into English and the Latin alphabet are somewhat hazy. But Amanda spells it ukulele, and therefore so shall I in what follows.

First up on the video is a preview of the event that I shot at the store on the morning of the event. It features my good friend Pádraig Ó Méalóid who was the brains behind the whole thing. I understand that I managed to mangle the pronunciation of Pádraig’s last name quite horribly in this. Thankfully I have not yet been banned from Ireland for my ignorance, and I promise to do better next time.

13 thoughts on “Amanda & Neil at Chapters

  1. Nope, you had your turn in the earlier posts. Equal opportunities and all that.

    Besides, they’d never let me back into WisCon again if I hadn’t spotted that.

  2. Kyle:

    My pleasure, thanks for dropping by, and also for taking such great photographs. (I love the one of Greg Frost in the library too.)

  3. Thanks for putting up the videos and pics- my son couldn’t quite see or hear all of the proceedings so its great to have everything in one place!

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