I am a regular speaker at LGBT History Month events and am available for similar talks at other times of the year. Here are examples of some talks I have given:

  • Michael Dillon: Trans Pioneer – the remarkable life of a mid 20th Century trans man
  • From Sumer to Rome: On the Trail of the Great Goddess and Her Gender-Variant Worshippers – a look at trans women in ancient religion
  • Gender and Citizenship in Ancient Rome – the Romans had trans people in their society, but what was their legal situation?
  • Die Young, Stay Pretty: Women Warriors in the Ancient World – did the Amazons really exist, and if so were they lesbians?
  • Favorinus: A Roman Intersex Celebrity – one of the most remarkable people to have lived in the Roman empire
  • At the Court of the Rainbow Emperor – LGBT life in Hadrian’s time
  • Byron and the Lion King – A look at Lord Byron’s play about the Assyrian king, Ashurbanipal
  • Charlotte de Beaumont, Chevalière d’Eon – A talk commissioned by Strawberry Hill House where d’Eon was an occasional guest of Horace Walpole
  • Meet the Trans RomansA talk for HistFest
  • In Search of Trans Celts – we know there were trans people in the Roman Empire, but did they exist in Celtic culture too?
  • Girls on Stage – boys and men have long played female roles when women were barred from the stage, but how queer was this?