Amanda & Neil at Chapters

At the end of the event, Amanda and Neil did a Question and Answer session. I have had to break it up into several pieces in order to keep within YouTube’s time limits. In Part I Neil explains about the kamikaze buttons and talks about Amanda’s life as a fictional person, while Amanda talks about Ben Folds.

13 thoughts on “Amanda & Neil at Chapters

  1. Nope, you had your turn in the earlier posts. Equal opportunities and all that.

    Besides, they’d never let me back into WisCon again if I hadn’t spotted that.

  2. Kyle:

    My pleasure, thanks for dropping by, and also for taking such great photographs. (I love the one of Greg Frost in the library too.)

  3. Thanks for putting up the videos and pics- my son couldn’t quite see or hear all of the proceedings so its great to have everything in one place!

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