Review Policy

So you want me to review your book? Before asking, please consider the following.


Sorry. I used to have a policy of “ask me nicely”, but some people interpreted that to mean “keep pestering me until I say yes”. So the policy now is that if you ask me to review your book I will not do so. Your only chance of getting a review is not asking me.

Yes, I know that this makes me a horrible, evil person. I have been called evil many times during my life so one more won’t hurt.

3 thoughts on “Review Policy

  1. Totally agree with all your points here. Just wrote a similar theme on Good Reads about reviewing friends books (Honestly). But also wanted to thank you for earlier reviewing our ‘f2m:the boy within’ . This August, the documentary on reactions to this co-written YA novel about ‘coming of age’ and transitioning gender was made by Kailash Studio and it was screened a fortnight ago at the Shepparton ‘Out in the Open’ festival in regional Australia.

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