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Still with today’s Independent, I see that they have finally caught up with the culinary excellence of kangaroo. Not that you get buy it easily in Darkest Somerset, or in California for that matter. But check down the bottom of this article. Bison is the red meat of choice for Kevin and I – we eat it regularly (and elk if I’ve been into San Francisco). And I buy venison when I can over here in the UK. I would cook it more often if it didn’t require a trip into Taunton on a Thursday. Nice to see that I’m in fashion for a change. And nice to see a bit of common sense from the environmentalists.

I’ve also checked out the Osgrow online shop, which looks very tempting (well, except maybe for the crickets and locusts, but you never know…).

Update: those of you who were grossed out by this post might like to check out today’s Economist which has an article about why Africans prefer converting land to agriculture rather than preserving wildlife.

4 thoughts on “More on Meat

  1. Who is your purveyor of elk in San Francisco?

    I have previously knew a shop that had both that and kangaroo (and ANYTHING if you asked, would wait and were willing to pay), but they are no more.

  2. They’re still selling lots of roo in the supermarkets here now. Roasts with wine and herb marinades, sausages, fillets, etc. At the Queen Vic Night Market the other night, I even got a camel burger. Camels being a pest in the deserts here – and disease free, they’re another good low-carbon footprint meat source. Very yummy too. A little gamey but delicious.

  3. Well quite. Roo meat was easy to buy in Melbourne when I lived there 10 years ago. The Independent claims that Aussies are outraged by the idea of eating roo, but I always found most of them very relaxed about it. It was the Poms who wanted to lynch me for it.

    Osgrow sells camel too.

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