Happy Birthday Sistine Chapel Ceiling

One of the world’s most famous works of art is 500 years old this year. Now the thing about the Sistine Chapel ceiling is that normally when we see pictures of it they are just one panel, or even a part of a panel. But today’s article about it in The Independent shows the whole thing. Awesome. Go look.

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One thought on “Happy Birthday Sistine Chapel Ceiling

  1. I remember seeing it as part of a Rome trip when I was about 13.

    We couldn’t find a seat, so had to stand the whole time, heads back, to slowly view the entire work. Stunning, breathtaking and totally awe inspiring. We were there for over an hour but it was certainly worth every second!

    Didn’t stop me turning my back on my RC upbringing. I’m definitely happier as a Pagan.

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