Today being the first day of half-way decent weather since I got back to the UK, I took myself into Taunton to do some shopping. It is farmers’ market day, after all. So some venison has been duly secured. I have stocked up on stuff from Lush. And I have books. I have finally got hold of the third volume of Amanda Hemmingway’s Sangreal Trilogy, the first two books of which I have very much enjoyed. I’ve also picked up the second Tom Lloyd novel, The Twilight Herald as I thought that the first one showed a fair bit of promise. I can’t find Sarah Hall’s The Carhullan Army anywhere, so that will have to wait until I can get to London.

I also looked in clothes shops. As of now I have a certain amount of hope that this might be a good year for summer dresses, and about time too.

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  1. I read The Carhullan Army last week. I enjoyed it a lot, although I felt the premise was full of holes.

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