2 thoughts on “Year In Review (Part I)

  1. Ambling along the Aqueduct’s annual reviews of what’s happening is a year end treat the I look for eagerly. Your contribution has given me much to consider including some new books to look for and why. Thank you.

  2. I enjoyed this a lot, being familiar with only some of the works you referenced but having read Gender Outlaw and met Kate Bornstein in the mid-1990s as part of my doctoral work on sexual orientation and gender identities at UMASS/Amherst, USA. I heard her speak in a university conference room at a lunchtime “brown bag” talk that became SRO (they grossly underestimated her draw!). When you see her again, give her my best (she won’t remember me, but that’s OK).

    My favorite line of Kate’s that I use frequently (and give her full credit): “When I was a man and attracted to a man, I was gay. When I decided to trans to female, I stayed with my male partner, which made me heterosexual. When he decided to trans to female, I became a lesbian. Why do the genitalia of my partner determine my sexual orientation identity?”

    I’m linking to your article from my blog tomorrow, Cheryl, 12/16/13. Thanks. Can’t wait for Part II! Take care, Sally

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