Transgender Awareness

I am a professional trans awareness trainer with clients from a range of businesses including the health service, the police, charities, schools and universities, and private companies. I can be booked through the following organisations:

Courses are tailored to individual client requirements. Typical issues covered include:

  • What is Trans? – understanding trans people from a biological, socioligical and medical point of view
  • Language – how to talk to and about trans people without causing offence
  • Law – what the the legal requirements for dealing with trans people?
  • Trans Life – what is life like for trans people in the UK?
  • A Trans-Friendly Company – how to adapt your existing practices to better cater to trans customers and employees

I am also available a a speaker as part of the Stonewall School Role Model programme.

In addition I have experience of doing sensitivity reading for science fiction and fantasy involving transgender characters.