What Was She Smoking?

Today, for reasons nothing to do with this post, I spent a few hours on Skype chatting with an academic about social media (as you do). A chance exchange at the end, after we had finished our business, set off a light bulb in one of the less sane regions of my brain. Here is a mad idea.

I want to run a modern day superhero role-playing campaign in which the heroes, their secret identities, the villains, and various key NPCs such as the mayor of the city, the police chief, the newspaper editor and so on all have public Twitter accounts that people can follow.

Luckily for you lot, I don’t have the time to do this. Then again, with the right group of players, it could be awesome.

4 thoughts on “What Was She Smoking?

    1. That was more or less the plan, but I suspect that for some types of GM-player communication email might be better simply because of the amount of information.

      You’d also need some means of combat resolution that you’d want kept away from the public face of the game because no one wants to see the wires. You’d have civilian NPCs tweeting what happens in the fights, but the numbers would be behind the scenes.

  1. Not necessarily. You could run all the conflicts with narrative, though it would require players to trust the GM. But this can be done i.e.: Amber diceless system or many ‘diy’ systems out there.

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