5 thoughts on “Welcome Back, Boys

  1. Isn’t this team the one with which Ayrton Senna won his first pole position and his first race? I am glad they’re back, but the world of Formula 1 isn’t the same without Ayrton. I loved this guy.

  2. That is great that Montreal is hosting an F1 Race next year. I wonder how much hotels are for that weekend and maybe take the train up there.

  3. Mihai:

    Senna’s first F1 drive was for Toleman in 1984, but he moved to Lotus in 1985 and in his second race, in Portugal, was on pole and won.

    I’m guessing you are probably too young to remember Ronnie Petersen or Jim Clark. Every glorious F1 history is full of tragedies too, and Lotus has a full share of both.

  4. Cheryl, it is true that I opened my eyes to the Formula 1 with Ayrton Senna in 1990 when he took his revenge with Alain Prost. And since the previous year he took an undeserved lost I went with him all the way. I read a lot about him so therefore I know more about him than any other pilot. But after his death I couldn’t watch races for a while and when I came back I didn’t enjoyed it any more.
    So now I only watch (and play with my friends) with great interest my first love, football 🙂

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