Toutes Mes Félicitations, Stéphanie!

A couple of days ago I wrote about the French convention, Imaginales, run by my friend Stéphanie Nicot. Now I am even more annoyed that I could not go this year, because I learned from Rose Fox on Twitter that Stéphanie has just got married. What’s more Rose saw the story in Le Figaro!

Why is that so? Surely the French are not that interested in speculative fiction editors, are they? Well, no. Stéphanie’s wedding made the papers because she’s a lesbian. They don’t have gay marriage laws in France, but Stéphanie is trans, and apparently this allowed her and Élise to marry. I’m not sure what the status of trans rights legislation in France is, but reading the article in Le Figaro I get the impression that Stéphanie turned down the option to legally change her gender so that she and Élise could marry, thereby striking a blow for lesbian rights. That sounds very like Stéphanie to me, she’s a wonderful activist.

Anyway, my very best wishes to Stéphanie and Élise. I’m sorry I wasn’t there to offer my congratulations in person last weekend, but I hope you had a wonderful day, and will have a very happy life together.

6 thoughts on “Toutes Mes Félicitations, Stéphanie!

  1. Wah! Just met Stéphanie at Imaginales this year. Thrilled that she’s using the happy occasion to strike a blow for equality, but I hope they have some fun despite the media craziness. Congrats to her and her partner!

  2. Oh! Awesome! And they were married in Nancy, which is where I lived when I was in France, so somehow that makes it feel more personally significant to me.

    1. Nancy is the nearest big city to Epinal, where Imaginales takes place. I hope you got a chance to visit Epinal when you lived in Nancy, because their comics museum is awesome.

      1. I visited Epinal, but I never knew about the comics museum or Imaginales until long after I had left. One day perhaps I will return.

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