The Year Ahead

If I’m going to do the seasonal posts thing I might as well go the whole hog and try to look forward to 2010. Right now I do not have any sekrit projekts, which is probably just as well after last year. A little consolidation is probably required.

My main priority for the year will be to get the translation awards safely off the ground, and hopefully into the hands of a large and enthusiastic group of people who will carry them through far into the future.

I’ll also be putting a fair amount of effort into chasing articles for Clarkesworld because it has become obvious over the past year that even paying 10c/word is not enough to encourage people to write non-fiction. I’m actually going to have to hold a few folks down and beat them over the head with the money. You have been warned.

I want to work with Kevin and others to help get the Hugo Awards Logo widely used. The first book with the logo on the cover should be in bookstores in the USA this week. Here’s hoping for many more. was always intended as a stop gap that would show Worldcons what they could be doing. At some point they will start doing it all themselves, but I suspect that there will be a pretty large demand for reporting from Australia and we’ll be there if no one else is.

SF Awards Watch has been pretty badly neglected by me over the past year. I need to do a lot of work on it to get it into a state in which I can hand it over to other people if I’m unable to carry on doing it. I’m also hoping to use it to test a few ideas about how online conventions could run panels.

The only conventions that I’m actively involved in running are BristolCon 2010 and SMOFcon 28. I’m hoping to be able to make an announcement about the BristolCon guests in a couple of weeks.

Of course I will be attending some conventions as well. Here is a preliminary schedule.

Update: convention list edited to include Bristol ComicCon.

2 thoughts on “The Year Ahead

    1. Sorry, disagree. Firstly there’s no way I have time to coordinate coverage of anything other than a few major events each year. And secondly no one much cares about regional conventions except the people who go to them. ConReporter is only of use for traveling conventions where the vast majority of people who want to attend can’t go most years.

      Of course if someone were to do the work to automate the entire thing so that anyone could set up cons are report on them through the site that would be a different matter, but I don’t have the skills or the time to do that.

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