The Independent Goes to Eastercon

And guess what they find? Right: people dressed as Klingons, people obsessing over TV shows, people in bondage gear, people writing slash.

I have every sympathy with John Wilson. I suspect the paragraph he’s quoted on was just one he uttered in a very long interview, and one that the journalist suckered him into giving. I would have been sorely tempted to say that we had hired in a bunch of people in freaky costumes because otherwise we’d never get in the papers.

5 thoughts on “The Independent Goes to Eastercon

  1. Possibly the *worst* article I’ve read — is this the norm for UK SF coverage? And Poor John!! I imagine you’re exactly right.

  2. Oh, it isn’t that bad. Surely you remember Rebecca Eckler? (If not go here and scroll down a long way).

    But yes, attitudes towards SF fans do tend to be far less accepting in the UK than they are in the US, at least in my experience.

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