Steamed Up

Kevin and I are back from the opening evening of Steam Powered, the inaugural steampunk convention, and I’m happy to report that things are getting under way quite nicely. The convention is quite small compared to a Worldcon, but it fits the hotel quite well and just about everyone there was in costume which made it seem a lot more busy somehow. There were a few small glitches at registration – the program books were an hour or so late and they ran out of badge holders – but nothing serious and the staff appeared to be able to cope with such mishaps.

The dealers’ room, which was just about the only thing happening today bar some period dancing, is spectacular. If I’d been a little more confident about my future I could have spent a lot of money there. It seems that there is a lot of creativity going into the steampunk movement at the moment, and of course it is a subject that rewards that sort of effort. There will be photos later.

I wish they were having a masquerade. It will be criminal if they don’t give out hall costume prizes.

The games room was empty. No sign of Space 1899 or Forgotten Futures. Boo.

The Domain, aside from being short on parking spaces, looks to be a nice little hotel suitable for small conventions. It could do with more social space, but Steam Powered has taken up a lot of the lobby with exhibits and a different con might use that space just for seating. There’s plenty to eat nearby. Many thanks to Chris Garcia for directing us to a wonderful Mongolian Barbecue restaurant.

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  1. One of the bigest angles/draws to steampunk is the costumes and they don’t have a costume contest or display????

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