Status Report

Kevin and I have canceled our room and flights for Calgary. This not being the UK, we are not out of pocket on the hotel. Apparently we can re-use the cost of the flights (less change fee) if we re-book before next June (though quite where I could fly to on United if I can’t enter the US is another matter). We are planning on checking out the Steampunk Convention as we are unexpectedly at home that weekend. Jeff and Ann VanderMeer are among the guests, and it will be good to see them.

I also have an appointment booked with an immigration lawyer for November 3rd. I’ll have a better idea of just how bad things are after that.

4 thoughts on “Status Report

  1. Judy:

    Well I did write yesterday, “I will, of course, be investing a few hundred dollars in advice from an immigration lawyer as soon as I can get an appointment.” I do try to take my own advice, foolish as that might be.


    We shall see. The last immigration lawyer I dealt with refused to discuss anything with me until I agreed to pay the whole fee for an application, regardless of whether I had any chance of success. Needless to say I backed away from that very quickly. This one seems a little more reasonable. I may be paying $250 to be told that I have no hope, but that’s better than paying several thousand with no idea what your chances are.

  2. If you need any references from our festival or in general about your status here in Finland, let me know.


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