Settling In

So far so good. I have got some (paid) work done. I have had lunch (with Joe & Gay Haldeman and Rusty Hevlin), which was very good. I have registered (they failed the Badge Test, which is poor for an annual convention). There’s a reception tonight with free food. Charles and Lisa have finished re-working the new Locus to include the sad news about Sir Arthur and have sent it back to the printers. The hotel does indeed have a nice bar by the pool, and the gators don’t seem to frequent it. All seems to be well with the world. Now to check my email…

3 thoughts on “Settling In

  1. The Badge Test is simply whether or not I need to tell the convention staff the following:

    The purpose of a badge is to allow people to read my name easily from a reasonable distance, not to give men an excuse to stare at my tits.

    (Charles Brown tells me that I have this the wrong way around.)

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