Now They’ll Start Singing

I have been reminded that after a great victory all true Welsh rugby fans should burst into song. Well actually you don’t want to listen to me sing. Just ask Kevin, who occasionally has to suffer it. But, not wanting to let anyone down, I have been scouring YouTube for the best of Welsh-rugby-related songs. Here are a few offerings:

From the official Welsh Rugby Union CD of the 2005 Grand Slam, Paul Child performs “Bread of Heaven” (non-religious version).

From the opening of the 1999 World Cup, Shirley Bassey and Bryn Terfel perform “World in Union”, and are joined by Michael Ball for “We’ll Keep A Welcome in the Hillsides”.

Love that dress, Shirl.

And finally, because we all miss him, and because rugby songs shouldn’t always be perfect, the late, great Ray Gravell singing Sospan Fach.

Goddess bless you, Ray. Watching the rugby won’t be the same without you.

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