My Eurocon Program

The draft program for the Eurocon is now available here. There will inevitably be changes, but as far as I know my stuff is firm. Here’s what’s going on.

My flight is scheduled to arrive at Arlanda at 17:20 so I’m afraid I’ll miss Tanja Tynjälä’s SF in Latin America talk at 18:00, but I hope to get to the con in time for the Worldcon panel at 20:00 and I should definitely be there for Pierre Gévart on SF in France at 22:00.

Saturday should keep me very busy:

  • 11:00 “E-books – the current development and the future”, which I am on
  • 12:00 A session about next year’s Eurocon in Zagreb
  • 14:00 A panel on Feminist SF, which I’m not on but which should be interesting
  • 17:00 ESFS Awards Ceremony, including me announcing the winners of the translation awards
  • 18:00 Charlie Stross interviews Hannu Rajaniemi
  • 19:00 “The Hugos Today and 40 Years Ago, A Comparison”, which I am on

Sunday is a little less frantic for me, but I will be at:

  • 11:00 Jukka Halme’s Guest of Honour speech
  • 16:00 “Women, men and neuters in sf and fantasy”, which I am on, together with Ian McDonald and Elizabeth Bear

I look forward to seeing some of you there.

4 thoughts on “My Eurocon Program

  1. Where are you staying?

    Most of the talks will be recorded, at least by audio, so you should be able to at least listen to Tanja’s talk afterwards.

    1. I’m in the Arcadia on Korsbarsvagen.

      I’ve heard Tanya give a talk like this at Finncon so there probably won’t be a lot new, but I did want to be there to support her. My bad.

      1. OK. I don’t think you realistically can check in at the hotel and get to the convention in less than an hour. You should definitely be able to be there by eight, though.

        There is no obvious way to change that programme item to a later slot on the Friday, and it is difficult to make a major shuffle just because a non-participant wants to attend a talk. I’m sorry.

        1. No worries. Like I said, it is my fault that I won’t be there on time. I would have needed another hotel night to be there for the start.

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