More Books! #WorldBookDay

It is World Book Day here in the UK and Ireland. Why that makes it a “world” book day I don’t know, but there you have it. And to celebrate we have not one, not two, but nineteen new books in the Wizard’s Tower store. That’s because we are welcoming a new small press: ChiZine Publications. They say they do “weird, surreal, subtle, and disturbing dark literary fiction”, and there certainly are some weird books there. Several of them also have rave reviews from places like Publishers Weekly and Locus.

If you want to be informed about new books as they go online, just follow the Wizard’s Tower Twitter feed.

3 thoughts on “More Books! #WorldBookDay

  1. Great news!

    Do you know if Napier’s Bones will be available in ebook when it is published in paper later this month? I’m really looking forward to that one.

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