Me, Elsewhere in Finnish

The latest issue of the superb Finnish SF magazine, Tähtivaeltaja, has arrived in the mail. I have an article in there. The article is in Finnish (thanks for the translation, Liisa!) so I’m afraid there’s no point in most of you looking for a copy. I may post the English version at some point but obviously I need permission to do so.

This issue is guest co-edited by Anne Leinonen and while not quite women-only definitely has a strong female influence. My own article is about recent books with strong feminist themes. A number of Finnish ladies write about their favorite feminist SF as well. Many thanks to Toni Jerrman for turning his magazine over to Anne in this way.

3 thoughts on “Me, Elsewhere in Finnish

  1. It’s still a non-paying fanzine, right? In which case, I’m sure they’d have no reason to complain if you published the English text.

  2. I haven’t checked but I’m fairly certain Tähtivaeltaja has the same policy as the other Finnish sf zines — the author retains full copyright and publication rights of their text. So you don’t need permission; if you want to ask just to be polite, that’s of course different.

  3. The issue here is that while Tähtivaeltaja doesn’t pay contributors (except maybe for fiction, I’m not sure), it does have a cover price. So I might have copyright, but it is a bit rude to publish some of the content when Toni is trying to sell it.

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