Lunch With Scott

One of the highlights of Worldcon for me this year was being interviewed by Scott Edelman for his podcast, Eating the Fantastic. Obviously having a long chat with Scott was fun, but the unique selling point of the podcast is that the interviews always take place over a lengthy and very good meal. The food that we had at Mr. Fox in Dublin was superb. So my heartfelt thanks to Scott and everyone who helps fund the podcast for paying for that.

The interview is now available online. You can find it on Scott’s blog, and doubtless on various podcast apps as well. It is more than 2 hours long, but hopefully there are ways you can take it in a bit at a time.

I’ve listened through the whole thing. There’s only one issue that I want to come back to right now, and that’s because it became the subject of a Twitter storm soon after Worldcon. In the interview I talk about the need for Worldcon to put more content online. Obviously there are issues with this, but there are many different ways in which it could be done, some of which address those issues. Sadly Twitter discussions tend to polarise very rapidly, with people assuming the absolute worst possible of any idea they attack. I do plan to write more about this issue in Salon Futura. Please wait for that before jumping in and telling me what an awful misogynist I am.

2 thoughts on “Lunch With Scott

  1. Yes, it was delightful as always to spend time with you — and even more delightful that this time I was able to share you with the world!

    There are two additional ways your fans can listen to you, beyond the link you embedded above, the first being through Apple Podcasts —

    Those who dislike Apple can using the RSS feed of —

    That will allow them to hear you on any device of their choosing. (Well … not a toaster.)

    I look forward to seeing you again in New Zealand!

    1. Thanks Scott!

      You know, I often listen to podcasts while cooking, so a podcast-playing toaster isn’t that far-fetched…

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