Last Day for GUFF Ballot

Today is the final day of voting for this year’s GUFF ballot. There is only one candidate, Jukka Halme. However, it is important that people do vote because voting is the only way that GUFF gets any money. Without votes, there will be much less money for to send Jukka on his trip around Australia and New Zealand, and he might have to miss out on some places. This would be sad, because Jukka is a lovely person and I want all of my Aussie and Kiwi pals to meet him.

Oh, stop laughing. Wales haven’t played Australia or New Zealand in the World Cup yet, so I can’t be wanting revenge for anything. I’ll actually be cheering for the Wallabies on Saturday.

No, seriously, Jukka will be a great GUFF delegate. Plus he’ll be able to enthuse everyone Down Under about making the trip to Helsinki in 2017. Please vote. Details of how to do so can be found here.

3 thoughts on “Last Day for GUFF Ballot

  1. I’ll actually be cheering for the Wallabies on Saturday.

    My business partner has a t-shirt that reads “I support the All Blacks and anyone playing Australia”:). Although at the moment we can afford to be magnanimous – but that can easily change. We’ve only ever won a World Cup at home.

    1. I have seen those t-shirts. They were all over the airports last time I was in NZ.

      You can cheer for people playing Australia on the 10th. Right now “I support Wales and anyone playing England” takes priority.

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