Lamda Literary Goes Live

The Lambda Literary Foundation has been busy re-vamping their web site and today they launched the shiny new, community-based version. Lamda is a mainstream literary organization, but it is friendly to genre writers (Nicola Griffith is on the Board). Consequently we get a fair slice of the launch content. Malinda Lo talks to other writers about what LGBTQ teenagers want from their reading. There’s an interview with Elizabeth Bear. And there’s me, talking about “Trans Lit” (and whether there is such a thing).

I must say that I’m very honored to be in such excellent company. I also very much enjoyed writing the article because it meant I got to have phone calls with Kate Bronstein and Jenny Boylan (squee!). If I can sell them on an article that gives me an excuse to interview Jan Morris I shall bounce with glee.

Given the past record of Lambda with trans issues I was a bit apprehensive. The editor, Antonio Gonzalez, like many gay men, knew little about trans people when we first started talking. However, unlike certain other people (hello, Bil Browning – still in the bunker refusing to admit to any mistakes, are we?), he was very willing to learn. If there are any trans people out there who are nervous about getting involved, I can say that thus far my experience of their attitude has been very positive.

3 thoughts on “Lamda Literary Goes Live

  1. Hello Cheryl.

    You should try getting both Sandy Stone and Susan Styker, as well.

    Lambda, like all allies, puts it foot in its mouth on more than an odd occasion.

    THey don’t fully understand us, but that doesn’t mean they don’t support us.

    Take Mr. Browning, for example — were you aware that he worked personally on trans inclusive legislation and made sure it was included — long before Bilerico existed?

    Were you aware that Bilerico has more trans writers than any other top ten blog?

    Were you aware that if Bil was, as you suggest, “in the bunker” that there would have been no trans presence at the LGBT CIR summit this past weekend?

    Were you aware that the only time someone else gets to determine the content of my posts is when I make a comment?

    Allies fuck up. That doesn’t make them magically not allies.

  2. Were you aware that Bilerico has more trans writers than any other top ten blog?

    Yes, I am. And I’m fully supportive of them being there. Bilerico is an important site and if trans people feel that they can still work with Bil and get material up there that’s a good thing.

    I should note also that I’m no longer cross with Ron Gold. It is pretty clear from his conversation with Zoe Brain that he was out of touch with developments in the community, very willing to learn why he had caused such offense, and happy to change his thinking as a result.

    But that was a conversation that Bil could and should have had with him before anything went live. Instead Bil chose to publish something that he must have known would be hugely controversial, would offend many people, and would sully the reputation of a respected gay rights campaigner. Furthermore, when the shit hit the fan, Bil managed classic response-fail, refusing to admit that he’d done anything wrong.

    If he has posted anything more sensible since, please point me to it and I’ll take a look. I’m well aware that allies get things wrong, but good allies are ones that acknowledge their mistakes and move forward. Until such time as I see such acknowledgment from Bil I’m afraid I won’t be able to trust him. That’s my personal position. I’m not questioning your right to think differently of him.

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