Imaginales: Day 2

Hello everyone. I am writing this from the Internet lounge at the convention, which is an interesting experience as the French keyboard layout is subtly different to the UK/US one. My laptop is back at the hotel and it is raining heavily. I don’t want to get my fur wet.

If you have seen the photos on Twitter you will know that some of the convention space is in tents, but they are very good tents and the rain is no problem.

I have been meeting a number of French writers, several of whom speak good English and hope to be in Montréal. These include Lionel Davoust, who has two short stories in the running for the Prix Imaginales, and Jean-Claude Dunyach who I believe was in the Jim & Kathy Morrow anthology of European SF. I have also met Andreas Eschbach, who is very nice, and Andrzej Sapkowski who is very amusing and speaks excellent English (along with 9 other languages).

I have also found gamers and costumers – some aspects of fandom are universal – but Jean-Louis and I were met with blank stares yesterday when we tried to explain filk. I’m working on getting wi-fi for the award ceremony.

And finally, as this is France, why yes, the convention does have its own label wine. I shall buy some and bring it back.

11 thoughts on “Imaginales: Day 2

  1. Artists! If there are any artists, please get their names and see if you can get the to come to Anticipation 😎

  2. Yeah, you’re not going to see every con have its own label wine. Cool.



    Jim & Kathy Morrow anthology of European SF

    Will find. Want. Thank you for mentioning its existence.

    Also thank you for mentioning French writers who will be @ Anticipation (:

  4. btw, why is Cyteen still up on your currently reading? Didn’t you finish and talk about it a while ago?

  5. Jannie:

    There are many artists here. There’s a list on the con web site. I shall make inquiries tomorrow as to whether anyone is planning to come to Montreal. One thing I should mention is the live art display. They put a big canvass up on the wall and four artists have taken a vertical section each and are painting on it. I have photos.


    I talked about Downbelow Station, but I liked. Cyteen is not working for me. Also in my copy the print is very small and reading is hurts my eyes.

  6. I would buy a pint of a TAFF beer. Only in France can you have a convention wine.

  7. Tom: I’ve seen convention wine at one con at least in Canada, in Ottawa. I have great memories of running a bilingual panel with David Hartwell, an open bottle of wine on the table, and a satisfactory number of glasses. (But then any panel lubricated with wine is going to be remembered fondly…)

    Val: The SFWA Hall of Fame anthology put together by the Morrows is mentioned a couple of times on my blog.

    Jannie: several of the artists on-site are part of a group slated to come to Anticipation; while I don’t know all the details, I will meet with them and relay anything relevant or helpful to René Walling.

  8. Petrea:

    Australia used to have a beer called DUFF, and yes, we did use it. Sadly I believe that it is no more, and I think that The Simpsons had something to do with that. Perry Middlemiss will know the story.

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