I Can Haz Hugo?

Apparently so. This, as best I can remember it, is what I said on stage.

My thanks first of all to my friend Neil Gaiman because I forgot to thank him last time I won one of these, even though he was standing next to me on the stage.

Thanks also to Dave Langford for being such a charming and honorable opponent all these years. I am so glad to have beaten him at last.

Special thanks to my dear friend Kevin Standlee, without whose love and support I would probably not be alive today, let alone winning a Hugo.

And finally thank you to John Scalzi for not being in the contest this year. There is no way I would have beaten him. I would like to echo something he said in Denver: next year, give this to someone else. I love winning these things, but my plan for next year is to win one with Clarkesworld.

What I forgot to say, and am now kicking myself over, is:

Merci bien, tout le monde.

31 thoughts on “I Can Haz Hugo?

  1. Congratulations it was so cool to see you win and what a nice speech. Thanks for all you do for fandom and Debby says to tell you you looked fabulous in that red dress!

  2. Much congratulations to you Cheryl. No doubt you are over the moon and I hope you can revel in the joy of your victory. Happy Hugo!!! 🙂

  3. Congratulations! This Hugo really knew it’s place! Yes!!! And like I said on Jeff’s blog, a celebration is in order. We’ll toast to your Hugo in the next Helsinki SF Mafia meeting (and to Ann’s & Neil’s!).

  4. Felicitations! It was great to be introduced to your work this week end. I hope it was a good time in Montreal. All the best.

  5. Congratulations! This is very thrilling news indeed. I hoist a cybernetic glass of tipple in your honor!

  6. So much globetrotting. I can never keep up with you! Congrats on this beautiful award. You looked marvelous!

  7. Congratulations! Also thank you very much for pulling a Scalzi and opting out for next year. What are the chances an Ozzie will win?

  8. I may not have done so on site, and perhaps not especially in print, but it was a pleasure to hand you your Hugo on stage. Well done to win it, and well done to ask that it go to someone else next time. I was a single nomination off the ballot; I have some hope for Australia.

  9. Lloyd:

    It was a pleasure to receive the trophy from yourself and Yvonne. I can’t believe how unlucky you are with nominations. Fingers crossed for next year.

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