Hugo Follow-Up

No, not an analysis of the ballot. Patience, dear reader. Just a few things I didn’t know yesterday.

First up I posted on Twitter this morning that there are 9 trans people on the ballot in 8 different categories. I speculated that there might be more, and I’ve since found another one so we are up to 10 in 8. I’m not going to name them, because frankly these days it isn’t safe being openly trans. But you may know some of them, and hopefully one or two will actually win.

Second, I have done a book list of the finalists (including the initial volume in Series finalists) on I wasn’t able to include all of them, because they aren’t all available, but if you are, in the UK, are interested in buying, and would like to help both independent bookstores and Wizard’s Tower, you can find the list here.

And finally, there is a useful list of where to find various of the finalists online over on File 770. The link to CoNZealand Fringe is to our YouTube Channel rather than our website. Apparently Mike is having a sulk and refusing to link to our actual site because one of our people has blocked him on Twitter. This is making me feel quite nostalgic for the days when I was allegedly the most hated person in fandom.

2 thoughts on “Hugo Follow-Up

  1. It does you no credit to impute false motives to me.

    The post was created by another editor. The correct information was relayed to that editor with a request to update their post. They have made the change.

    It doesn’t seem to have occurred to you that if I hadn’t deleted the link altogether, then the problem might just have been what the editor said it was — they got a 404 message when they researched the link, so they looked for an alternative. Why they had that problem I don’t know — the correct link worked for me.

    1. Ah, hello Mike, glad to see that you still know how to find me after all.

      I wouldn’t have been imputing motives if you hadn’t been whingeing about being blocked.

      Anyway, good to see that it has been fixed. Right thing to do and all that. Thank you.

      And now that you are here, perhaps you can explain to me how you got this reputation of being the Grumpy Old Man of Fandom. You used to be so much more interesting.

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