Gaiman Wanted?

Having Neil comment on my post about Odd and the Frost Giants has reminded me that there are copies of it in the dealers’ room here. If anyone in the Bay Area would like me to pick up a copy for them, let me know. I think they are going for $6, which is a bit of a markup bit probably cheaper than getting it posted from the UK.

6 thoughts on “Gaiman Wanted?

  1. Oh, that sounds lovely. Could you get one for me please? I’ll pay you back when it gets here.

  2. Anything would be better than paying the 4.32 pounds the thieves at charged me to ship it to Canada. I swear I’ll NEVER use those swine again!

    Uhm, well, until the next time, of course! 🙂

  3. Lisa – they had sold out by the time I got to the book room this morning, but you can have my copy when I get back. I can always buy a new one when I return to the UK.

    And as Neil says it won’t be out in the US until 2009 I might just bring a pile of them over for Worldcon.

  4. Cheryl-got Odd from as I needed an Iain Banks book anyway, but could you grab a Guilty of Literature, if they have any? I heard they were selling them with profits going to the UK alzheimer’s charity. If you can’t, no worries.

  5. Hi Nadine – The book room staff tell me that they had 6 copies and they sold out really quickly. It is possible that I can find a copy for you in Borderlands, and hopefully Old Earth will have it back in stock soon.

    I wonder if I say “Mike Walsh!” it will summon a publisher?

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