European Fan News

Tero Ykspetäjä has two interesting pieces of news on his blog today.

Firstly the 2011 Eurocon now has an official web site. They still only have one guest listed, the very wonderful Jukka Halme, but I’m sure they’ll have more soon. (I’ll buy my membership at Finncon, Tero.)

And secondly there is a new blog called Fan News Denmark. It is in English so you call all read it. Many thanks to Knud Larn for setting this up.

2 thoughts on “European Fan News

  1. Tom:

    The con chair, Carolina Gomez-Lagerlöf, and Britt-Louise Viklund both have attending memberships. I seem to recall seeing them at most Worldcons.

    Obviously they are the 2011 Eurocon in Sweden. I don’t know if anyone from the 2010 Czech/Polish/Slovak convention will be in Montreal.

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