Eurocon Report and Gender Panel Podcast

I have (finally, sorry folks) managed to get my report on this year’s Eurocon posted. You can read it, and see the photos, here.

The main reason for the delay is that I wanted to finish the podcast of the gender panel. This featured Kari Sperring (moderator), Ian McDonald, Elizabeth Bear, Johan Jönsson, Kristina Knaving and myself, and I thought it went very well. It should be on the Salon Futura iTunes feed fairly soon, but in the meantime you can listen to it here, or download it.

My thanks once again to Carolina and her team for a great convention, and for allowing me to have the audio recording from the panel.

5 thoughts on “Eurocon Report and Gender Panel Podcast

  1. I like the discussion of Friday towards the end. I could have listened to an entire panel on that book.

  2. I really enjoyed the podcast of the panel; you and the rest of the panelists were excellent. I hope you’ll keep posting audio to the Salon Futura iTunes feed.

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