Coronavirus – Day #98

I appear to have spent much of today watching TV. There was housework as well, and an online meeting, but lots of TV. Or, to be precise, Netflix.

So, yes, I have watched Disclosure. It is rather painful to be reminded of the many awful ways in which trans people have been portrayed in film and TV, but it is also quite powerful to be reminded of what the media has done to us. Because something that has been done can be undone.

After which, I needed a reward, so I binged the rest of season 4 of She-Ra. Tomorrow, season 5.

Wait, no, tomorrow back to work, what am I saying…


In the outside world, the 7-day rolling average of deaths in the UK ticked upwards again. Its only one day. We’ll be fine. I hope.

2 thoughts on “Coronavirus – Day #98

  1. This is a bit tangential, but in case it hasn’t come your way yet, I thought you might be interested that the latest Big Finish 8th Doctor box set has a trans character played by trans actor Rebecca Root. She’s in a secondary role, but an important one and looks set to be back for the next series. From my cis perspective I thought it was a good and positive portrayal.

    1. That’s good to know, thanks! I doubt that I’ll have the time to check it out, but I’m sure other trans people will. I will look out for reviews.

      I met Rebecca once at an event in Bath. She was very nice. I’m hugely impressed with how well she has done in her profession, given the hurdles she has to face.

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