Coronavirus – Day #295

Dearest readers, a terrible tragedy has occurred. Late yesterday, President Biden signed a number of executive orders. One of those was an anti-discrimination order that gave LGBT+ people in the US some protections. They are similar to, though not as wide-ranging as, those we have here under the Equality Act.

This morning it was revealed that this action by the incoming President had erased every single woman in America. (Well, the cisgender ones, I assume.) Just like that. Over 150 million people vanished, Thanos-like, from the face of the Earth. I know that it sounds unlikley, but just about every female member of the chattering classes here in the UK is repeating the same story, so it must be true, mustn’t it?

Anyway, our Thoughts and Prayers are with the American people. I understand that President Biden is planning a number of sweeping immigration reforms, which will be necessary if there is to be any hope of there being little Americans in the future. I can only hope that the effects of this executive order don’t linger, and that newly arrived women are not vanished as well.

In other news, Downing Street has denied reports that the Prime Minister wishes to rename our country Little Trumplandia in the East. Apparently there is already an existing town name of Trumpton that he feels would be appropriate for the country as a whole, and doesn’t include the word “little” which may cause offence in certain quarters.

4 thoughts on “Coronavirus – Day #295

  1. The immigration reforms naturally mean that white men will disappear as well. Which I’m sure was his goal all along!

    1. Hard to say. I was reading something this morning which suggested there were secret signals in the inauguration ceremony that proved that Biden was a Q follower. Maybe this is all some sort of deep plan and they got rid of the women because they can’t be trusted and are due to be replaced. Somewhere there is a factory making Melania clones.

      1. But, but . . . I thought Melania was a clone . . . where’s the original? WHO IS THE ORIGINAL?! 😉 It’s like a (bad) SF story. Maybe there never was an original Melania, just a glitch in a time machine or something.

        BTW my sister was also rolling her eyes about the harm to women from other people getting (somewhat) equal rights. She’s a lesbian, so does her support of Biden erase herself, I guess? Again: bad SF story in the making! 😉

        Meanwhile, I’m trying to shake the habit of checking the news with dread each day. Baby steps, right?

        Stay well!

        1. The whole Q thing is like a bad SF story, which makes me wonder who is writing it.

          According to the Telegraph, all lesbians were erased a couple of weeks ago. But today I learned (from a motion subitted to the UK Green Party) that you are not a real woman unless you menstruate, have given birth, have breast-fed and are small and feeble. So perhaps your sister isn’t acutally a woman, which would make her safe from erasure.

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