Attention Helsinki: Gig Venue Needed

Hello Finnish friends. Anyone in Helsinki know people who can help stage a concert for a fine musician?

The gentleman I am talking about is Jason Webley, who is a lovely lad and frequent partner in crime of the fabulous Amanda Palmer (they are, jointly, Evelyn Evelyn). Jason is arranging a long (and to my eyes potentially exhausting) tour, and he needs a venue for Helsinki, ideally on September 21st. Given what I know of the fabulous organizational ability and hospitality of Finnish people, I’m sure this won’t be too hard to arrange. Jason’s contact details are here.

And if you can’t help, do go along to see the show, which I am sure will happen.

2 thoughts on “Attention Helsinki: Gig Venue Needed

  1. Help incoming, hopefully. I poked a bandmate who’s been involved in arranging gigs around here.

    Any specifications as to what kind of a place are you looking for?

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