And We’re Done #GiveItUp125

This is almost the last post I will do for this year’s fundraiser. There will be one more next week when the folks at One25 come through with the final total of how much we have raised.

The donation page will remain open for a few days. I suspect that I have generated so much content that most of you haven’t had time to watch/read all of it. You can find all of the posts on this blog here. And do check out the #GiveItUp125 hashtag on Twitter as well because I think the music threads are one of the best things I’ve done during this.

My personal total is currently at £513 which is about £100 less than I raised last year. That’s a little disappointing, but pretty good given the circumstances.

And if you have donated, signal-boosted, suggested content, or in some other way helped me get the message out, thank you so much on behalf of One25.