A Quick One25 #GiveItUp125 Update

I was expecting to be giving you the final totals raised some time this week, but today I got email from One25 saying that they were keeping the fundraiser open for a few more days as some people are still getting pledges. Which is a bit embarassing because I’ve been stuck on 68% since the campaign ended.

Anyway, if you happen to fancy dropping a few quid on it, the donation page is still up here. And you can find all of the videos and photo sets I produced here. My explanation as to why I’m fundraising for One25 is here.

And We’re Done #GiveItUp125

This is almost the last post I will do for this year’s fundraiser. There will be one more next week when the folks at One25 come through with the final total of how much we have raised.

The donation page will remain open for a few days. I suspect that I have generated so much content that most of you haven’t had time to watch/read all of it. You can find all of the posts on this blog here. And do check out the #GiveItUp125 hashtag on Twitter as well because I think the music threads are one of the best things I’ve done during this.

My personal total is currently at £513 which is about £100 less than I raised last year. That’s a little disappointing, but pretty good given the circumstances.

And if you have donated, signal-boosted, suggested content, or in some other way helped me get the message out, thank you so much on behalf of One25.

Introducing France #GiveItUp125

Here we are folks, the final stage on my virtual world tour. France, of course, is famous for its food. In this video I have breakfast and lunch. The latter includes far more cheese than is entirely sane, and a plate of escargots. Enjoy!

In case you were wondering, I did eat all of the snails. So much garlicky goodness.

As always, if you have enjoyed these videos, please donate to help One25. Every little helps. I’m only on 68% and today is the final day of the challenge.

Nalo on Toronto #GiveItUp125

Author Nalo Hopkinson was born in the Caribbean but spent much of her life in Toronto. Weather-wise it was a huge shock, but she still loves Canada’s largest city. Here we talk about ethnnic diversity and tourism opportunities. I make a geographical error of such magnitude that I had to leave it in so you could all laugh at it.

Farewell, Finland #GiveItUp125

It is time to leave Finland now, but before I got I want to share this photo. Otto, Paula, Irma and I were chilling in a cafe on a place called Women’s Island in Jyväskylä. While we were eating Paula spotted the little lady above watching us. You never see red squirrels in England these days, but they are still common in Finland.

I see that my fundraiser has been stalled on 45% all day. Hopefully that’s because you have all been too busy enjoying the Finnish content to pledge money. You can do so now. I’m going to answer the day’s work emails, then go to bed. I’ll see you all tomorrow in Virtual Canada.

More snow, eh?