Live at the Hootenanny

Of of the good things about being in the UK at New Year is that I’m able to watch Jools Holland’s annual BBC2 broadcast of fabulous live music. I’ve yet to find a better way to see the New Year in, even if Jools is much less impressive behind a microphone than behind a piano.

One of the acts I wanted to catch this year was Mercury Award winners, Florence and the Machine. I wasn’t too impressed with the song of their own that they played, but Florence Welch has a great voice, as she proves here when she teams up with Jools and his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra for a fabulous rendition of “My baby just cares for me.”

Also, I want that dress!

Sir Tom Jones and Dave Edmunds were as wonderful as ever, and while Boy George might be a bit fatter and croakier these days the old Culture Club singles are still wonderful. I enjoyed performances by Paloma Faith and Paolo Nutini, both of whom were new to me, but the standout performances of the evening were from a Mexican classical guitar duo, Rodrigo y Gabriela. I can’t find a clip of them from last night’s show on YouTube, but here they are doing what they do best with “Tamacun.”

Next time a Mexican restaurant subjects us to a Mariachi band I am so going to make a nuisance of myself asking them to play stuff like that.

5 thoughts on “Live at the Hootenanny

  1. Jools is certainly a welcome alternative to those excruciating times in times past when TV execs insisted we must watch men in kilts (because Scots, apparently, are the only people who could do New Year .. having the song an’ all that)

  2. It’s weird how Jools Holland still manages to be so rubbish at interviewing people or engaging in live “witty” banter, considering he’s been doing it for decades.

    I saw him being interviewed himself on Jonathan Ross and he was relaxed, fine and witty doing that, and I’ve seen him in some documentary about him, and he was fine in that too, and of course he is great at the piano. But sometimes I have to turn over when he attempts chatty badinage with his hapless guest; I feel as though everyone is on the edge of their seats (and me too), with the guest – and Jools – rabbit-in-headlights unsure what swerve in direction is going to pop out of his mouth next.

    Still, better him attempting an interview instead of a smooth professional who doesn’t particularly know about the music or the people who make it in the way he does. You certainly believe Jools is interested in and cares about his stuff.

  3. check out Rodrigo Y Gabriela’s cover of “Stairway to Heaven” i believe it is on youtube.

    Oh and Happy New Year!

  4. Will:

    I’ve been all over their YouTube archive, so yes I have seen that.

    I have also discovered that 11:11 is on sale at Amazon’s MP3 store for just $1.99. Bargain!

    Happy New Year to you too. I’m glad you can still smile after yesterday. Heartbreaking.

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