You Know You are Living in the Future When…

… some guy pays $330,000 of real money for a virtual space station.

Mashable has the full story.

Why did the guy spend so much money? Well, the place in question is a giant virtual hunting lodge in which guys with laser rifles get to take down ferocious alien animals. I guess they’ll be paying a lot for the privilege.

It could be worse. At least it wasn’t a brothel.

5 thoughts on “You Know You are Living in the Future When…

  1. I watched the video and I’m flummoxed.The fake brick finish that scabs so many old DIY kitchens is inconsistent with “space station.”

    The quality of the renderings was much poorer than I expected from all the hoo-ha. It looked like 1985 state of the art, maybe worse.

    The whole hunting sequence looked boring. A couple players stood around banging away at something with an obviously limited repertoire of behaviors, about as challenging as a caged rabbit. The hunted thing doesn’t fight back. No brain required from the player, just… banging away with a control.

    I think a brothel would be more interesting.

  2. “Once again, Phineas Taylor Barnum’s adage has been proven in spectacular fashion.”


    […] A Virtual Economy Analyst at the Metastat statistics bureau in Second Life estimated Second Life’s 2007 GDP will be between $500 million and $600 million, about nine times that of 2006. This data is of 23 February 2007.

    Economists take virtual economies, some of which have huge real world value, quite seriously. And gold farming makes an estimated billion dollars a year.

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