Small Blue Planet: France

C’est animé? C’est vivant? Je ne sais pas. La traduction, elle est difficile.

Especially when you are as bad at languages as I am.

Thankfully my guests on Small Blue Planet are very good at English. Many thanks to Mélanie Fazi and Lionel Davoust for their wonderful tour of French science fiction and fantasy. Also thanks as ever to our wonderful producer, Karen Burnham, and to Kevin for being the emergency holographic sound recordist.

Along the way we talk about French conventions, the best award trophy in the world, how the UK came to be a fundamentalist Mormon state, Brian Stableford’s amazing translation work, and some of the best SF&F writers working in French today.

As ever, the podcast is available via the Locus Roundtable.

2 thoughts on “Small Blue Planet: France

  1. I’m not a huge podcast fan but I decided to give this episode a go so I could chatter about French SF with a French friend of mine. It was excellent! The pacing and information reminded me of a BBC World Service-type radio show. I’ll be downloading the rest in the series.

    1. Wow, thanks! BBC World Service is a seriously high quality station so I’m delighted to be compared to them.

      I hope you enjoy the other episodes as much as I enjoyed making them. We are recording Israel next weekend, but it probably won’t go live for a couple of weeks after that.

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