Busy Weekend

There’s a lot going on this weekend. I would very much like to be in London on Friday for the tribute to Rob Holdstock at the British Library.

Unfortunately I can’t make that, because I’d already promised Liz Williams that I’d come to her conference in Glastonbury on the Saturday. I’m not 100% certain that I’ll make it as this does depend on the generosity of other people providing transport, but the plan is to be there.

I could, I guess, have gone up to London for the day on Friday and got the last train back, but that would get very expensive as I do need to be in London on Sunday for another British Library event, this one featuring Neil Gaiman, Farah Mendlesohn, Kari Sperring and Peter Hamilton.

I’ll be staying overnight (I had a pile of airline points I needed to spend some of or they would expire, so I could get a hotel room). I would love to stay a bit longer, because S.J. Chambers is arriving on Monday for a Steampunk Bible event on Tuesday. However, at the moment I’m still doing the ice pack and heat pack treatment on my shoulder three times a day (down from five, which is excellent progress). I won’t be able to do that when I’m not home, so I don’t want to risk too many days away. I’m hoping to see S.J. for lunch on the Monday before coming home.

2 thoughts on “Busy Weekend

    1. In London? Of course not.

      And more to the point I want to have as little to carry as possible. Heavy luggage could do a lot of harm at this stage.

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