Dark Spires – The Business Post

I’m starting to go through the business issues arising from Colin Harvey’s untimely death. The most obvious one is that Dark Spires was a joint venture between Colin and myself. He handled the editing, and I handled the publication. The significance of this is that all of the author contracts are with Colin, not with me. I need to talk to Kate about this, but I’m assuming for now that I’ll need to assume responsibility here.

Gareth has kindly sent me a copy of his author contract. Assuming that they are all the same, I now know what the terms are. As I mentioned last week, the book was just one paper copy away from earning out when Colin died. We’ve had a few ebook sales reported since then, so there should be some payments due at the end of the year. In order to make them, I need contact details for everyone. Most of you I already know, and I’ll be chasing up the others, but if anyone out there has a story in the book and is concerned about the situation please get in touch.

By the way, while there are a few paper copies left, I don’t have any. Colin had some, which I hope to pick up at some point, and there were a few that went missing at Alt.Fiction that may find their way back to me, but for now the paper edition is temporarily sold out.