Zucker Protest in London

Back in May I wrote a long post about how the American Psychiatric Association was in danger of entrenching the idea of gender variant and homosexual behavior as mental illnesses by spending too much time listening to people with daft and even dangerous ideas. One of those people was Dr. Kenneth Zucker, who claims to be able to “cure” gender variant children by bullying them into adopting “normal” (i.e. strongly stereotyped) gendered behavior. Zucker’s services are in heavy demand from parents who don’t want their children to grow up gay, as well as those who are afraid their children might be transgender.

Well, Dr. Zucker will be in London next week. He has been invited to speak at a conference on trans identified adolescents by the Royal Society of Medicine. British doctors who oppose Zucker’s views have apparently not been allowed to speak, nor have any trans-related support groups. The conference has so alarmed some British doctors that they have set up a rival event to challenge it (and they have invited Zucker to speak, which says a lot about who is interested in open debate and who is not).

The London Transfeminist Group is organizing a demonstration for the morning of October 1st (8:30am start) and there will be a planning meeting this Thursday night (Sept. 25th). All help and support will be gratefully appreciated.

Update: If you can’t get to London, there’s a petition aimed at the RMS here.

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