Writing and Gender Class

Back in 2012 (when my life was less busy) I took an online writing course taught by Cat Rambo. I wrote about it here.

Cat keeps me updated with new offers just in case I have time to take another one. I have certainly been tempted, especially as she’s started to do one-offs on specific topics (see here). One such course that is right up my street is “Writing and Gender”, but I don’t need to sign up for that one because Cat has kindly asked me to help teach it.

The class will take place on Saturday, August 26, 9:30-11:30 AM Pacific time. Cat and I haven’t finalized the details as yet, but I’m expecting to be talking about writing trans characters, and helping the class navigate the profusion of genders people are identifying with these days. I will probably mention things like the cis gaze, and victim narratives. Cat writes a bit about the course here.

These classes are not free. The usual charge is $99, or $79 for former students. However, if you really can’t afford it, and very much need that class, you can apply for a scholarship.