World T20 Qualifiers

Cricket’s World Twenty20 Cup was such a success it looks like they are going to do it every year. The main event takes place in the West Indies at the beginning of May. But before that there are qualifiers to determine which two lucky second tier nations gets to play with the big boys. In February there will be a tournament in Dubai. Initially the teams are divided into two group. Group B contains Kenya, Netherlands, Canada and the UAE. Potentially more interesting is Group A which contains Ireland, Scotland, Afghanistan and the USA. That could have a bit of needle.

One thought on “World T20 Qualifiers

  1. I’m a bit torn on group A. I live in the USA, but I’m of Scottish descent. It’s almost like when I was in Glasgow when the big Rugby match was Scotland v. Croatia (I’m also significantly, and more easily quantifiably, of Croatian descent.) But, because I have some involvement in Cricket in the USA I’ll have to root for my home team – as it were…

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