We Are All Communists Now

Open Source Communism - image from Mashable page linked to in textDo you use WordPress to run your blog? If so, are you aware that you are part of a secret Communist plot to undermine the American way of life? According to Mashable and The Guardian, an industry lobbying group, the International Intellectual Property Alliance, claims that the whole open source software movement is anti-Capitalist, and therefore a threat to US Economic Hegemony the American way of life. Of course this is based on the batty idea so often espoused by the US right that “Capitalism” means “a very small number of very rich people, including myself, own everything in the world, and everyone else has to pay us for the right to use it,” and that the terms “oligopoly” and “free market” are synonyms.

Still, you have been warned. Cease your filthy Communistic sharing this instance. The FBI will be around shortly.

2 thoughts on “We Are All Communists Now

  1. Might want to let Steve Jobs know too since it looks like he supplies the tools for it: the computer on that poster looks remarkably like the first iMacs did…the blue ones and the white circle with the bar on it is a lot like the handles they had on top.

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