Watching Comic Creation

I didn’t put Dave Gibbons’ Watching the Watchmen up on my “currently reading” list because, to be honest, there’s not a lot of reading involved. If you are interesting in the process of comic creation, and like to be able to see how rough layouts are eventually transformed into full-fledged comic pages, then it is utterly fascinating. If that doesn’t interest you then there isn’t a lot else. However, towards the end of the book Dave does devote much of a page to a photo of one of these.

Dave says that he and Alan were delighted to win a Hugo because they always had the impression that science fiction fans looked down on comics, so they must have done something truly amazing. Besides, Hugo trophies are really useful. Dave uses his as a door stop. Alan has apparently turned his upside down and stuck it in the ground, in which configuration it makes an excellent bird table.