Vigil Media Update

The BBC did make the vigil their top story again in the late evening news. There was an interview with the Elected Mayor, Marvin Rees, and while he’s not LGBT+ himself he’s not white so at least we got a bit of diversity in that way.

Made In Bristol also led with the story on their evening news (thanks Ellie!). Their only interview was with Daryn, so decent representation there.

Radio Bristol were at the event doing live video streaming. You can watch the first hour of the event here (sorry, it doesn’t seem to be available outside of Facebook). Sadly they ran into battery problems after an hour, so they missed most of the LGBT+ speakers. Thanks for trying, Caz.

Bristol 24/7 has a report on the event. It looks like their reporter left after the choir performance and missed most of the LGBT+ speakers.

The Bristol Post has a number of reports of the event, including one that proves that some people will pick any excuse not to mourn dead LGBT+ people. They also included this photo of the BGEN contingent.

Photo by Emma Lidiard