Translation Awards Update

I did warn you that I’d get very boring about the Translation Awards over the next few weeks, but we do have some great news.

Firstly huge thanks are due to the Science Fiction Foundation and Science Fiction Studies for pitching in with some large donations to our fund drive. It is great to see organizations will to help. In particular SF Studies has pledged annual support, which is really helpful.

In addition we have had some kind people offer more prizes for the fund raiser. Peter F. Hamilton has donated a signed copy of the limited edition hardcover of The Reality Dysfunction (Subterranean). We’ve also got offers of signed books from Kari Sperring, and a copy of an √Člisabeth Vonarburg book donated by Nanopress. More details are available here.

It has been interesting watching the donations come in. Some people have been really generous. Others have just donated $1. But you know that’s OK, because if everyone who reads this blog donated $1 we’d be doing very nicely. Heck, if everyone who reads Scalzi’s blog had donated $1 we’d be set up for the next decade. Every little helps. (And you can help here.)