The Thief Released

It is new book day at Wizard’s Tower. Well, not exactly new, of course, but a re-issue of a book that is now out of print, which is definitely fulfilling part of our mission statement.

The book in question is The Thief’s Gamble, the first of five volumes in Juliet E. McKenna’s tales of Einarinn series. The other four will follow in the coming months.

Juliet writes about the book, and the process of digitizing her backlist, here. I’d like to add my thanks to Elizabeth Campbell of Antimatter ePress for taking on the onerous task of converting paper books to quality digital books.

We’ve taken a decision to make the book available only through the Wizard’s Tower store for the first week. That’s because Juliet gets more money if you buy the book from us than if you go through those big commercial people. The book will be available on other stores, at the same price (give or take a few cents on exchange rates) as we are offering it next week for those folks who have no idea our store exists. It will be interesting to see how the experiment works.