The Boss’s Big Day Out

A quick follow-up to last night’s Twitter coverage of the Big Event, in which Bruce and the E-Street Band played a short gig during the half time of some football game. The songs played were: “10th Avenue Freeze Out”, “Born to Run”, “Working on a Dream” and “Glory Days”; in that order. It was clear that Bruce and the band were having a whale of a time, but also working within some fairly hefty constraints. They had to play “Born to Run”, they had to plug the new album, and they needed two other songs. “Glory Days” was a natural because it actually mentions football. I also suspect the two end tracks were chosen because they had flexible instrumental sections that all you to do stuff leading in and out – such as the joke about being penalized for “delay of game” if they didn’t get off stage.

Possibly the best bit of the gig, however, was the opening shot of Bruce and Clarence back to back in silhouette. It was a lovely touch.

I do have the new album, but haven’t had a chance to play it yet. I shall blog when I do.

One thought on “The Boss’s Big Day Out

  1. Actually, he used different, football-related, lyrics for Glory Days in the Super Bowl performance. The original verse is about a former baseball player.

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