Thank You, United Nations #TDOR

Some of you may remember a huge fuss a couple of years back when the UN voted to remove “sexual orientation” from its annual resolution condemning extrajudicial killings. Hilary Clinton and Susan Rice turned up last year to get that overturned. This year Sweden introduced the motion and added to it, for the very first time, protection for “gender identity”. What’s more they did this yesterday, on the Transgender Day of Remembrance, which of course specifically commemorates those killed because of their gender identity.

The motion was opposed by the usual unholy coalition of Muslim countries, the Vatican, and various states with hardline Christian traditions, but all of their attempts to remove the protections failed. In the final vote only Iran voted against, though I’m deeply disappointed in the United States which chose to abstain.

Full details, included the texts of the various resolutions and the voting record, is available here.